Bio-Cellulose Face Mask

Mira-Skin Hyper Hydration Mask

• Super Hydration
• Effective for minimizing fine lines, redness, overpigmentation and skin impurities
• For a flawless and radiant complexion

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The Mira-Mask is made out of bio-cellulose and adapts like a second skin to your facial contour. It supplies your skin with its active ingredients and moisture in 10-15 minutes. It can be used once per week or as often as every day.

Ingredients: • Grape berries Arctostaphylus uvaursi (whitening effect): evens complexion, prevents pigmentation & overpigmentation • Coconut Ferment Extract: skin elasticity, moisture, glow effect • Hyaluronic acid: elasticity, increasing moisture storage, wrinkle reducing • Betaine/aminoacid derivative: skin cares/soothing • Orange Ferment Extract: antioxidant effect, anti-aging, collagen formation • High quality amino acid derivative: activates cell renewal • Enzymes: works against free radicals Moisturize, refresh, soothe, revitalize and tighten your skin with Mira-Mask for a long-lasting WOW effect.