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It’s amazing! I’m noticing lines on my face improving after just a few applications.
Jennifer, Hobokengirl.com
I swear by this serum. It’s the perfect winter beauty hack. Mira-Skin is one of the most effective treatment tools I have come across in quite some time. While my ultrasound infused facials left me glowing for days, I have been able to achieve similar results with this device for far less money. This is a super easy 3 step process that takes about 10 minutes to complete just 2x a week.
After just one treatment with the Mira-Skin, that dry patch disappeared and never returned. The rest of my skin felt softer and smoother. Personally, I love it. For me, Mira-Skin proved to be a mini skincare miracle! Since my skin can ‘take in’ more product when I’m using this device, my skin has been much less dry overall and I LOVE THAT! I truly am amazed at its effectiveness to rejuvenate your skin in no time flat.